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Addis Hill Colliery

The gale was being worked by James Cowmeadow by 1841, although there seems to have been no production between 1841 and 1845; 2074 tons of coal were produced in 1846. Read More

Arthur and Edward (Waterloo) Colliery

The Arthur & Edward gale was worked by Benjamin Gwilliam and Thomas Butler from the mid-1830s, two shafts being sunk to work the Coleford High Delf Seam in the Pennant... Read More

Bixslade Colliery

There was a colliery in Bixslade at least by the 1790s, when James Teague was a partner in Bixslade Water Engine Pit. Read More

Brick Pit

Moseley Green New Engine gales were granted in 1842-3, and there was a Brick Pit on Newmanshropshire gale by 1855. Read More

Cannop Colliery

The Cannop Coal Co. Ltd was formed in June 1906, taking over the Union & Cannop and Prince Albert deep gales from Henry Crawshay & Co. Ltd. Read More

Cannop Drift Mine

The original Cannop Drift was driven in about 1906-8 by the Cannop Coal Co. Ltd to work the Yorkley and Coleford High Delf Seams of the Pennant Group (middle Upper... Read More

Churchway Colliery

Churchway Colliery was begun in 1740 and by about 1833 was in the hands of the Bennett family, who worked it at least until the 1850s. Read More

Cinderford Bridge Colliery

The Cinderford Bridge gale was bought by James Cowmeadow in 1841 to work the Coleford High Delf Seam in the Pennant Group (middle Upper Coal Measures). Read More

Crump Meadow Colliery

Work was started around 1829 by Edward Protheroe, the galee, but coal was not reached until 1839. Read More

Dark Hill Colliery

The Dark Hill gale was awarded to David Mushet in 1841, and by 1847 he had also obtained the neighbouring Shutcastle gale. Read More

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