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Courtfield, Welsh Bicknor

Associated with the Vaughan family since 1563, originally called "Greenfield", the house was the childhood home of Henry V, who lived there from 1387 to 1394. Read More

Crump Meadow Colliery

Work was started around 1829 by Edward Protheroe, the galee, but coal was not reached until 1839. Read More

Dark Hill Colliery

The Dark Hill gale was awarded to David Mushet in 1841, and by 1847 he had also obtained the neighbouring Shutcastle gale. Read More


In 1818 David Mushet, of Coleford, built a cupola for metallurgical experimentation at Darkhill., where a year or two later Moses Teague found a way to 1818 David Mushet, of... Read More

Dilke Hospital, Cinderford

Following the death of the Forest's Member of Parliament (Sir Charles Dilke) in 1911, fund raising commenced to establish a local community hospital. Read More

Dog Kennel Bridge

Dog Kennel Bridge carried the Coleford Railway, which ran from Wyesham Junction, near Monmouth, to Coleford, over a minor road between Whitecliff and High Meadow Farm. Read More

Duck Colliery

Duck, or Broadmoor, Colliery was on the Broadmoor Engine gale, which formed part of Bilson Colliery. Read More

East Slade Colliery

Sinking of East Slade Pit was begun around 1832 by George and James Meek, who assigned their rights to the Cheltenham and Forest of Dean Coal Co. Read More

Eastern United Colliery

The Eastern United Colliery gale was one of seven areas into which the deep gales of the coalfield were amalgamated by the 1904 Dean Forest (Mines) Act. Read More

Ellwood Lodge

In the early 19th century, when the royal demesne of the Forest was replanted, 24 small lodges were established to house woodmen to guard and maintain the new inclosures. Read More

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