Tintern Tunnel

Tintern tunnel was on the Wye Valley Railway between Chepstow and Monmouth. It was bored through a ridge of Carboniferous limestone on the narrow neck of land within a horseshoe... Read More

Tourism and the People

Over 100 years ago visitors were using a travel book (‘A Weeks Holiday in the Forest of Dean’) to guide them on a series of walks in the Forest of Dean. Read More

Trafalgar Arch

Between Serridge Junction and Drybrook Road, the Severn and Wye Railway ran close to the large spoil heap of Trafalgar Colliery. Read More

Trafalgar Colliery

The Trafalgar gale was granted to Corneleus Brain in 1842, but work does not appear to have begun until about 1860. Read More

Union Colliery Disaster Memorial

The Union Colliery was owned by the Parkend Deep Navigation Collieries Co. Ltd, who, from 1892, developed an earlier pit on the same site. Read More

United Reformed Church Coleford

Originally a Congregational Chapel with seating for 500. It was a two storey building withthree bays, the central bay breaking forward. Read More

Venus & Jupiter Colliery

Venus & Jupiter gale was granted to George and James Baldwin in 1841, who sold it to Thomas Protheroe and Thomas Phillips. Read More

Whimsey Colliery

Whimsey Colliery was begun in 1737, when it as known as Major Wade’s Suff. By 1833 it was known as The Whimsey or Major Lough Colliery and was galed to... Read More

Whitecliff Furnace

Whitecliff Furnace on the Coleford to Newland road is all that is left of Whitecliff Ironworks, one of three coke-fired ironworks built in Dean at the end of the 18th century. Read More

Whitecliff House

Whitecliff House, on the Coleford to Newland road, was built in the late 16th century, but by the end of the 18th century it had become derelict. Read More

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