Foxes Bridge Colliery

The original Foxes Bridge Colliery of c.1837 was never completed, and in 1855 sinking of a new colliery began further north. Read More

Hamblins Yorkley Free Mine

After a new gale (Hamblins Yorkley) was defined in about 1920, the Yorkley Seam (Pennant Group) was worked by the Hamblin family. Read More

Harrow Hill Colliery

Albert Jones acquired the mining rights on Prosper gale at Harrow Hill in 1916, also taking a lease on the east wing of Speedwell Newbridge Colliery; Newbridge Engine Colliery was... Read More

Haywood Colliery

In 1841 the Haywood gale was awarded to Moses Teague, who, in association with William Crawshay, was opening a colliery there. Read More

Help Me Through The World Inn

The former public house 'Help Me Through The World' is located at the junction of Staunton Road and Boxbush Road. The building is now delicensed. Read More

Heritage Sites

The sites, buildings, and other objects recorded in the Dean Forest Database and presented in this category are an eclectic mix. Read More

Highmeadow Farmhouse

Highmeadow Farmhouse is about one mile along the road which branches from the Coleford to Newland road and goes to the Redbrook road..The house backs onto the road. Read More

Holy Trinity Church Primrose Hill

The present building occupies the site of a corrugated iron mission church put up in 1903. The new brick church building was erected in 1931 on land donated by Lord Bledisloe. Read More

Hopewell Engine Colliery

There was a colliery here in 1836, when Thomas and James Bennett (presumably the lessees) applied to erect a steam engine at 'Hope-Well Pit', although the gale had been held... Read More

Hopewell in Wimberry Colliery

Hopewell in Wimberry (or Wimbelow) Colliery was owned by James Teague in the 1790s, and was in the hands of Peter Teague in 1841, when about 25 tons of coal... Read More

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