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Geomap - An introduction

In 2007, the Forest of Dean Local History Society was awarded a grant of £107,200 by DEFRA’s Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund (administered by Natural England) to produce a spectacular piece... Read More

Geomap - David Yeates - The Sculptor

David Yeates studied Fine Art at the Royal Forest of Dean College in Gloucestershire and then attained a 2:1 B.A. Read More

Geomap - Design and Build

The Project Partners were: Read More

Geomap - Installation at New Fancy

Map foundations were made of reinforced concrete, half a metre thick. The map was correctly orientated North/South. The map jigsaw was then fixed to the foundations, using a dry mix. Read More

Geomap - The Unveilling

The Geomap was ‘unveiled’ at New Fancy on Saturday 3rd May 2008 by Mark Harper M.P. and John Harvey to the music of a brass band. Read More

Geomap - Where can I see it?

The Geomap is at the New Fancy Viewpoint in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, two miles south of the Speech House Hotel (see map). Read More

Miners Glossary

The Forest of Dean has a rich and distinct industrial history. Coal was recorded as being dug in the Forest in the mid 1240s, but its extraction was of secondary... Read More

Miners Memorial - An Introduction to the Project

The Forest of Dean Local History Society felt that there should be some form of memorial to the victims of historic fatal accidents in Forest of Dean mines in much... Read More

Miners Memorial - Record Set

This downloadable record set forms part of the Miners Memorial Project. The Project was led by Ron Beard, and was based on the extensive researches of Society member Dave Tuffley. Read More

Miners Memorial - Roll of Honour Memorial Volume

As another element of the Project, details of the mining fatalities, and the list of Freeminers were recorded in four leather-bound ‘Roll of Honour’ volumes. Read More

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