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Commemorating Our Forest Heroes

The Forest of Dean has seen many people play a huge part in our history, and Foresters’ Forest is recognising some of these local figures with a plaque.

Our Blue & Green Plaque scheme recognises notable historic Foresters who died over 20 years ago, that lived or worked in the Forest and who made an important contribution to the Forest’s natural, built or cultural heritage.

A Blue Plaque is a permanent sign installed in a public place to commemorate a link between that location and a nationally famous person or event.

A Green Plaque is very similar but it commemorates a link between that location and a person famous within the Forest (but not nationally well known).

We previously received public nominations for the individuals who should be proudly remembered within the Forest in this way, creating a shortlist of 18 nominees. An online public vote then ran throughout July 2020, to identify the 10 historic figures to commemorate with a plaque, displayed within the Forest of Dean.

All ten plaques are now displayed at their various locations across the Forest. The locations of the plaques are detailed on each nominee's page. To help you find the plaques you can also download this PDF Map, listing the location of each plaque.

Our 10 Plaque Recipients

The historic Forest heroes being commemorated with a Blue Plaque:

  • Dennis Potter - Dramatist for some of the most popular plays in TV history
  • Dame Muriel Powell - A British nurse ahead of her time
  • FW Harvey - Innovative poet and broadcaster
  • David & Robert Mushet - The men of iron and steel
  • James & William Horlick - Inventors of baby food and malted drink

Those being awarded Green Plaques:

  • Warren James - Freeminer and champion of Forest customs
  • David Richard Organ - Miner who fought for rights
  • Dr ML Bangara - Well-loved community doctor
  • Sir Francis Brain - Pioneer of electricity in coal mining
  • Timothy Mountjoy - Pioneer of trade union for miners
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