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Better to Light a Candle: Royal Observer Corps underground monitoring posts around the Forest of Dean by David Mullin

North Foreland Lodge Independent School for Girls at Lydney Park during WWII - Compiled by Averil Kear using accounts from North Foreland Lodge: A Community in Wartime

Local Voluntary Hospitals - By Keith Walker

Scarr Bandstand and the Hospital Sunday Movement - Averil Kear & Keith Walker

Adding color to history: Diaries of Thomas Hale 1885-1893 - Nicola Wynn

The Persistence of the Brass Band Tradition in the Forest of Dean - Roger Deeks

Our Founding Fathers: the people who established the FODLHS and organised its early years - Mary Sullivan

Three wise men and the Severn Bore - John Powell

The Trafalgar CB/TB Stones - Mark Ward

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